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Test drive our automated CRM integration for Salesforce Service Cloud case translation today!

The Language I/O Response plugin for Salesforce Service Cloud automates the professional human and machine translation of your cases, turning human translated responses around in less than an hour! 

During the demo, you will learn how our case translation software:

  • Quickly and easily installs into your Case Page Layouts for the translation of case threads between customer and agent languages
  • Automatically uses machine translations for the incoming case and human professional translation for the agent response
  • Is easily customizable to translate using human linguists, machine translation engines or a combination of both
  • If needed, retranslates machine translations using human professional translators
  • Is capable of switching between numerous different translation sources dependent on your specific requirements
  • Turns translated content around in less than one hour, in over 150 languages
  • Incorporates a glossary of your terminology to ensure high quality translation of your specific terms