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See how our CRM integration for Oracle and Salesforce Service Cloud automates article, chat and email translation today!

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration allows support teams using Salesforce Service Cloud or Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) to automatically translate self help articles, tickets/cases and chat in under an hour using human and machine translation. We allow English-speaking support staff to communicate with customers in any language by plugging our software directly into the CRM platform where support agents and content editors are already working. You push our translate button and we handle the rest. 

During the demo, we'll show you how our chat, ticket/case, and article translation software:

  • Quickly and accurately translates your content 
  • Uses a failover mechanism so that you and your customers will never be without service
  • Uses automatic language detection so that you don't have guess which language your customers are speaking
  • Automatically rewrites links so a translated article links to translated images, websites and other resources
  • Incorporates templates and quick text to increase quality and reduce translation costs 
  • Uses trainable machine translation so your translation engine uses your specific terminology out of the gate
  • Seamlessly switches between professional human translation and machine translation depending on turnaround time, quality and budget requirements